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About our school

Académie Nour is committed to providing quality French-language education and fostering the personal development of our children, in line with Islamic values, in order to form universal citizens and contribute to a global society.

Registered Students for 2024-2025

Knowledge is the cornerstone of any learning process. It provides the necessary scaffolding on which students build their understanding of various subjects. Without a solid foundation of knowledge, further learning becomes challenging and may lead to gaps in comprehension.

the power of knowledge
Academie Nour Montreal
Critical thinking skills
Academie Nour Montreal
problem-solving skills
Academie Nour Montreal
professional development
Academie Nour Montreal
pedagogical knowledge

Students armed with a wealth of knowledge tend to perform better academically. When equipped with relevant information, they can approach assignments, tests, and projects with confidence and competence, leading to improved grades and overall academic achievements.

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